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Published September 21, 2016 by Adnan

How To Conserve Water

Where there is water there is life. It is difficult to imagine life without this clear, tasteless drink. We need water to cook, to bathe, to clean – pretty much our survival kit. Yet for all its utility and vitality, we are failing to conserve the one thing we depend on for so much. Whether it’s the water that keeps running as we brush our teeth or those excessively long showers, it seems worth asking ourselves if, within our individual capacities, we are doing enough to conserve water?
At ALO Maids & Technical, we fully support ‘Every Drop Matters’ in spirit and action – a much-needed mass awareness campaign by DEWA across Dubai. Particularly for a climate and topography such as Dubai’s, we must do our best to avoid damaging our natural environment. In our own households, there is a number of very simple little things we can do to make our planet – our ultimate home – last a little longer.
One of the most common ways water is wasted is through leakages in pipes. It is important to have water pipes regularly checked for leakage by a professional. At ALO Technical, we not only have all the professional help you need but we are also committed to eco-friendly business practices. Our cleaners too have been rigorously trained to minimize the use of water when it comes to chores like floor mopping and toilet cleaning.
As one of the few companies in the cleaning and maintenance industry that work with a view to creating healthy, sustainable and greener communities wherever we go, we aim to use our online presence as a tool for raising awareness on how to save water. More tips on how to minimize use of water and energy at home/office are coming soon! Stay tuned.


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Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you. Valentina from Springs
Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you. Valentina from Springs
Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Thank you. Valentina from Springs


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