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Published September 3, 2016 by Adnan

How To Clean Your Water Heater


It is the story of almost every household that cleaning the water cleaner is never high enough on that list of household chores and errands; for some odd reason, always the last thing. As a company that values cleanliness, hygiene and a healthy lifestyle above anything else, this is a question that continues to worry us. Hear it from a company that receives hundreds of calls every week for cleaning air-conditioners, walls and floors and what not. Yet during the past over three years that our company has been around in Dubai, not a single request to clean water heaters. Clearly not enough people realise the importance of regular cleaning sessions or they would never let their kids, friends and loved ones to be put to risk like that.


Take it from the professionals! All it really takes is a few minutes of cleaning every year and boom! You have a clean, efficient and gunk-free water heater to keep your lives warm, fuzzy and cosy! Unbelievable right?! We recommend you drain the gunk out of your heaters at least twice every year. This is so because over time deposits of minerals and salts dissolved in water can settle as heavy sediment at the bottom of tanks and if left unattended, can lead to various health problems. The risks are ever greater in a climate like Dubai’s, especially for our skin tissues that run the risk of severe damage.


The solution is simpler than you think, and cheaper than you’d assume. WHY? Because you can do it all by yourself! All you need is a hose, a bucket and gloves. ALO is always here to walk you through the practical steps, one by one, and who knows, by the end you become your own proud handyman! Follow this space for our next post packed with all the steps and tips you need to know to a clean your water heater.


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Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you. Valentina from Springs
Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you. Valentina from Springs
Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Thank you. Valentina from Springs


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