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Published September 12, 2017 by Adnan

Electrical Safety Tips

It’s vitally important to take safety precautions while working with electricity. Safety precautions can avoid accidents such as electrocution, fires, or explosions.
Here are 10 electrical safety tips to help you maintain your family safety around the house, and to avoid electrical fires and accidents:


1- Never overload the sockets:-
Never overload the sockets. Don’t plug a bunch of electrical appliances into one outlet or extension cord. It could damage the electrical system in your house or even cause a fire.


2- Keep electrical appliances away from water:-
It’s so important to keep all electrical appliances away from water, and to make sure your hands are dry and you are not standing bare foot while touching anything electrical. In case of any electrical fire don’t use water to get rid of fire.


3- Repair or replace any blown fuse immediately:-
If any electrical appliance repeatedly blows the fuse / trips a circuit breaker, disconnect it immediately. Either replace it with a new one or repair it by a licensed electrical worker. Like ALO Technical, ALO Technical provides proper tools and supplies to his professional electricians to get the job done.


4- Before using any appliance, check the cords for cut or damage:-
Before using any electrical appliances, check the cords properly and make sure it doesn’t have any cuts and the points are not damaged. If you find any problem, don’t use it until the cord is professionally repaired or replaced.


5- Not to touch any electrical equipment with wet hands:-
Make sure the wires are not touching anything wet like floor / side wall, while it is plugged-in. Also make sure your hands are not wet while dealing with electrical items.


6- Work safely with metal ladder near power lines:-
Watch out for power lines while using a ladder, chainsaw or any other metallic equipment. Metal ladder should never be used when dealing with electricity.


7- Don’t repair energized equipment without the help of experts:-
Never try repairing energized equipment. Always check that it is de-energized first by using a tester. Check all the wires, the outer metallic covering of the service panel and any other hanging wires with an electrical tester before proceeding with your work.


8- keep yourself safe in the kitchen from electrical hazards:-
Never allow electric wires or cables to trail over kitchen appliances like toasters or stove tops. These are very dangerous and are hazardous for you and your family. Also, never put your finger inside the toaster with anything, especially with any metal.


9- Keep children safe from electricity at home:-
Make sure your children do not walk in wet into the house directly from the rain or swimming pool. Your home is a place that is full of electrical sources and could pose a threat to their safety. Get them to dry out completely before entering the house.


10- Excavation work should be done carefully with the help of experts:-
If you are digging or doing any kind of evacuation work on the earth you should take care to avoid damaging underground electrical cables. Underground electrical cables can be particularly hazardous. In such cases, people can be killed and injured by electric shock, electrical arcs (causing an explosion), and flames.



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Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you. Valentina from Springs
Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you. Valentina from Springs
Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Thank you. Valentina from Springs


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