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Guide for How to prepare different Wall surfaces for Tiling

Beautiful tiles give exquisite look to the walls of your place. If you decide to refurbish your property, it is the best time to decorate your walls with tiles. There are many types of tiles available, so elegant in appearance that you will get confused in choosing the perfect ones.

You can tile your bathroom, living room or bedroom but the process begins with the preparation of walls. It is recommended to keep the walls free from moisture, grease and dust before tiling.


General preparations for all types of walls:

These are ‘preps fit for all’ sort of tips to prepare your house for tiling.

  • Remove old wallpapers
  • Remove the plaster
  • Clean the dust and coarse
  • Look for holes and cracks
  • Fill these holes with layering and sand the surface
  • Wipe the walls
  • Apply primer before tiling the surface


Way to prepare plywood for tiling:

If the wall is of plywood then it will be difficult for tiling. Plywood undergoes continual changes due to the oil in it. This oil loses the grip of the adhesive when heat up by the high temperature. The change in shape and size of plywood which acts as your base will ultimately crack or break your tile.

Plywood surface can be easily used for floors.


Way to prepare painted or textured wall for tiling:

Excess roughness and loose paint are bad for tiling. Before applying the primer, it is mandatory to clean the dust and big particles. Fill the cracks and make the surface smooth with sandpaper. Finally, vacuum the floor and the walls and apply tri-sodium phosphate that ensures the cleanliness of wall from any grim or grease.

Prior to tiling, treat the wall with PVA or thin layer of diluted adhesive. After your wall is completely dried, you can tile it.


Way to prepare old plaster:

It highly depends on the condition of the plaster. If you are sure about the plaster then do the tiling. Professionals will give you the best advice regarding its condition. Acrylic primer is highly suggested to use as others may react with the plaster wall.

Prepare the surface by dusting off the wall, fill up the holes and sand the surface so that the adhesive stick tightly with the surface for long.


Way to prepare dry wall for tiling:

Adhesives usually take a month for fully set on the plaster wall. A rough surface is needed to strongly stick the primer on your wall. After sanding process, vacuum and wipe it.

For wetrooms, moist resistant plasterboard are needed.


If you are confident in preparing your wall for tiling then do it by yourself but the professionals can do this job more efficiently with zero chance of any error. Alotechnical is a renown home maintenance company in Dubai-UAE. Our trained and skilful handymen are involved in delivering high quality and fine services of tiling.


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Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you. Valentina from Springs
Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you. Valentina from Springs
Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Thank you. Valentina from Springs


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